Ally McCaskey

My name is Ally and I offer Yoga and Massage for a better foundation of self and health. Find home in body, mind and soul through my inputs and teachings. Your well-being my biggest focus of all. 

Throughout the past years I would collect different teaching knowledge through my YTT at Sanpoorna Yoga School, Goa, a many visits at Ashrams, numerous workshops and classes of renowned teachers and continue my journey of learning and developing by constant practice. 

My students being the best teachers of them all, I created my own style and Yoga flow based on Hatha, with a blend of Ashtanga, Vinyasa, Sivananda and Yin but also leave space for your very own intuitional Yoga flow and some non-conventional dynamic moves. 

Generally I would listen into the people’s desires and energies whereas I then adapt my classes accordingly. I work with soul and heart, sing in my classes to get your voice become strong and heard again and lead you through flows which allow you to glow anew, find your center and grow to your best self. 

I always try to enable you to connect to yourself completely but also to mother earth, helping you find back to all your senses, body, mind and soul.

2017/18 I gained knowledge of Sound and Massage healing methods. Through my hands, I lead my clients through smooth and warm touches and rubs, release tension and loosen knots where necessary, leading to a relaxing but renewed and clearing feeling within.

Feel free to book a massage with me through the studio.


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