Camille Gray

I originally encountered yoga as I was seeking a more sustainable physical activity, in my late teens. I loved that ‘high’ one gets after an intense workout, however, was not so keen on the injuries! I was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga, which I practiced religiously for several years.

In 2015, as I completed my higher education studies in the visual arts, I flew to Goa, India, so as to train to become a teacher myself. My 200 hour foundation is in Ashtanga, which I completed with a 300 hour in Vinyasa Flow. My stay in India was a real game changer, allowing me to fully comprehend the wholesomeness of Yoga. After having taught for several months around Asia, I eventually came back to Switzerland so as to share my knowledge with friends and family. Although I grew up on the other side of the « röstigraben », on the shores of lake Neuchâtel, I have found a new home in the Bernese yoga community.

My classes have evolved over time, which today comprise a blend of dynamic « flow » and restorative asanas allowing introspection. I teach in my English mother tongue, though love to have a chat with fellow « romand » students!


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