The Reset- Button

Those last weeks I found myself consuming a lot: coffees, food, workshops, yoga classes, going out for aperos, dinners and drinks. In other words, I was feeding my monkey mind with loads of bananas. Just to keep myself distracted from my inner sorrow, fear and frustration. I wasn’t able to sit in silence and was searching in the outside. As well I couldn’t find any clear answers to questions I was asking myself. Because of the whole consumption and distraction, I wasn’t able to listen to myself anymore. And this again led me to inner dissatisfaction. 

 So I realized I need a reset. A reset can be done in many ways. For example, taking time for yourself, breaking out of daily routines or starting a yoga practice with just dancing and moving the body. This time I decided I’d need a reset in a more radical way. So I started to fast. To cleanse off my inner organs, my body and make space in my head, heart and soul. Normally we need 30 % of our Prana (energy) to digest. During the fasting-period this energy is used for healing processes in our body and psyche. 

 The first two days of fasting I found myself very vulnerable and weak, sleeping a lot. But already after the third day my body felt more energized and my mind got clear – it was beautiful to experience. 

 So I came to the conclusion, that fasting is a wonderful spiritual practice. In Yoga we often practice to find this reset button – going new ways out of old patterns. To take a step back, observing our behavior and practice mindfulness. Fasting is a wonderful method to connect with ourselves, taking our senses inward and just be with what is – even if in some moments of our life the truth is painful and uncomfortable.


Much love


Tom Derrington