Valentine Eva Donia

Hi I'm Valentine, I was born in France but left home at the age of sixteen to study abroad and since then moved countries and cities a few times before settling in Bern last year. I've studied many different subjects, like art and photography among other things! I guess I am a very eclectic person and I love to learn new things. That's how it started with yoga: I was keen to learn more about the philosophy behind it, and so I started incorporating it the Yamas and the Niyamas in my daily life before actually beginning to practice any pranayama or asana.

My classes are empowering as I try to challenge my students in my creative flows, while changing the sequences according to their needs and/or limits. Other than that, I love to swim, go on hikes and eat delicious homemade vegan meals.

See you all soon in the beautiful new Yoga Luna Studio! 

You can follow my updates via my Facebook page.


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