A voice to the Silent Generation

Tom from the Yoga Luna team has recently launched a side project and needs your support to spread the word and hopefully help to start a movement.

The Silent Generation is a crowd-sourced video project that hopes to encourage people to grab their smartphone, sit down with their grandparents and great-grandparents and help document the stories, memories, reflections and wisdom of an older generation.

We have all become so good at story-telling. We photograph, film or blog about our daily lives, we digitally capture our memories, opinions and experiences and then through the power of social media, we share them with the world. The Silent Generation is simply about using these skills and platforms to help tell a different story. It is about connecting together two generations - a modern generation of story tellers and an older generation with stories to tell. It is also an opportunity to ask the important questions, before it is too late.

In order for the project to grow, we need your videos. Sit down with your elderly loved one, make some tea, ask the questions you have always wanted to ask, listen, film and share.

You can find out more about how to get involved on the website: www.thesilentgeneration.com and if you like the concept, please help to support by liking, following or sharing on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

Tom DerringtonComment