Yin Yoga Luna - starting in October

We are offering a slight change to our Yin Yoga classes every Wednesday 19:00 - 20:15

From October 3 - a small team of 4 different Yin Yoga teachers will rotate on the schedule. Each teacher will bring their own style and approach to Yin Yoga and this will allow you to both vary and deepen your practice.

The teachers in this Yin team are:

What is Yin Yoga? - A slow paced style of yoga in which students are guided through mostly on-the-floor postures. Yin Yoga emphasizes passive, static postures, held for long periods of time, with muscles in a relaxed state. This way, the dense connective tissues in and around the muscles and joints are stimulated, somewhat stretched, and ultimately strengthened. Yin Yoga complements the yang yoga practice - it isnt necessarily a standalone practice but more - the other half of practice.

See you on the mat!

Tom Derrington