New: The Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior Class mit Pascale Sommer

Pascale is back from a two month Yoga immersion and 300h Jivamukti Teacher Training in India. From May onwards her Wednesday Lunch Class will be held as Jivamukti Spiritual Warrior Class (60 Min.)

The spiritual warrior is a guided vinyasa class following a fix sequence. The class includes a full set of asanas to clean the body and yet calm and focus the mind. It contains chanting, dynamic asana practice, meditation and relaxation. Join Pascale every Wednesday 12.15 - 13.15h. The class will be taught in English. You don’t need to have experience with Jivamukti Yoga to join this class. Just come by and find the warrior within.

"You don’t become a Spiritual Warrior, you are a Spiritual Warrior“. 

Pascale is looking forward to practice with you. 


What is Jivamukti Yoga?

Jivamukti Yoga is a comprehensive Yoga Method founded by Sharon Gannon and David Life in the 80’s in New York. Jivamukti Yoga brings the ancient teachings of yoga into a modern context. As the word „Yoga" means to yoke (body, mind and spirit) it improves not only the physical flexibility but one’s relationship to all others and thus lead to enlightenment – the dissolution of the sense of separateness, the realization of the oneness of being, the discovery of lasting happiness. Jivamukti Yoga provides a monthly Focus of the Month which provides a base content of a class. (Link:

Tom Derrington