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Keep your New Year Resolutions!

Start your New Year fresh, with a tool kit to help you keep your resolutions! 

Get rid of self-destructive patterns or coping mechanisms that don’t serve you anymore, with the help of Yoga. 

This won’t be a “yoga only” workshop. We will try to better understand our coping mechanisms, our triggers and look at how to use yoga effectively in order to have a higher success rate in getting rid of habits which may be destructive, hurtful or that just no longer serve us.

I saw a need for this workshop when considering my own journey over these past few years. I have suffered from a process addiction for most of my life. I tried many different healing modalities over the years, but nothing seemed to work long-term until I checked myself into an in-patient rehab facility for a couple of months. After that I went on to study Kundalini Yoga and the yogic path to recovery – which offered many tools which can be implemented in our lives to help with things from bad habits, to more serious addictions.

What do I offer?

A half-day (3 hours) workshop explaining why we have addictive patterns or destructive habits which are hard to get rid of, and what some of the approaches and tools are to get rid of them long-term.  This workshop is strongly based on Kundalini Yoga. 

At the end of this workshop, you will have a toolkit to use on current habits you’d like to change, and on any future bad habits which may form. This toolkit will be made up of:

• Practical exercises which illuminate behaviours you’d specifically like to change, and which behaviours you can fall back on when you’re feeling vulnerable.

• 1 short Kriya (yoga set) for your daily practice 

• 2 anti-craving tools using breath work and meditation

• 1 daily meditation to clean subconscious and rewire your brain

• Some theory and personal experience about addiction and bad habits 

Kundalini yoga, the yoga of awareness

Kundalini yoga focus on achieving a particular result, such as helping a specific organ, body system, gland, chakra, clearing negative emotions, stabilizing the mind, or balancing the energy in your body.

The Power of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation lies in its ability to alter the brain and body chemistry if practiced regularly. 

KUNDALINI YOGA activates the Vagus nerve which helps us to relax. Stressful emotions are replaced with feeling of calm and well-being.

  Sat Nam,

Steve, Narayan Atma Singh

Earlier Event: December 30
Let it all go!