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Cacao and Sound Ceremony

Join Maximo Fava and Māra Vecele for the beautiful Cacao and Sound Ceremony at Yoga Luna! We will create a collective heart and journey through an evening of Cacao, Crystal Sound Healing, Meditation and Mayan Wisdom!

We will sit in circle with a clear intention and allow our hearts to open while we let the healing power of music touch our soul. Cacao has the ability to open our heart and bring great joy to our lives. Combined with the sound of native drums, crystal singing bowls, chimes, gong, digeridoo and the delightful music of the hand pan we will journey into a deep state of relaxation where we can release all that we no longer need and create space for new opportunities.

Creating a sacred space, together we will empower each other's path to unity. We work with wonderful ceremonial grade Keith's Cacao coming all the way from Guatemala!


Things to consider:

- Cacao works best on an empty stomach, make sure you eat a good meal earlier on the day and nothing within an hour before the ceremony

- After Ceremony it is suggested to drink a lot of water.

-If you would like to have your own personal Mayan Calendar reading while drinking cacao please email your birth date directly to Mara:

Feel free to contact us with any questions. Limited spaces available book your place early!

Date: Saturday 5th October

Time: 16:00- 20:00

Cost 40.-