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NOW FULLY BOOKED! Pranayama, Inner Alignment & Asana with Stephen Thomas

A special, three-hour workshop that focuses on how Yoga works through the Koshas (layers of self). The physical practice of Asana opens the freedom of the breath body and corrects tensions or limiting patterns in the breath. This helps to make the seat more stable and comfortable. In addition to the Asana practice, the workshop will explore traditional Pranayama practices that create stability and ease in the nervous system and cultivate a more clear, grounded mind and body. So, a meditative state arises naturally.

Focus: Supine, seated and standing hip stabilizers and openers that lead toward some openings in the chest and shoulders. Guidance and clarification of classic diaphragm breath techniques in Pranayama. Guided Pranayama-Kumbhaka and Bandhas with insight into the meaning and purpose of breath holding, but also some playful exploration. Meditation and mantra to close.

Open for all levels, but not appropriate for new beginners. This practice requires some experience.

Price: 70 CHF/ 60 CHF (Students, AHV)