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FULLY BOOKED! Handstand and Inversions Workshop with Jess

Hands up if you’re bored of being on your feet all-day? Your feet literally carry you through life, so sometimes it’s nice to give them a rest. You could put them up on the sofa while cuddling the cat, OR you could join me for this playful handstand workshop where we’ll be experimenting with all things upside down.

In this workshop we’ll be covering:

-       Yoga postures and exercises to strengthen, stretch and support the wrists, arms, shoulders and spine. Important parts to protect when we’re balancing on our hands.

-       How to engage your core so you can control the wobbles.

-       The correct alignment of handstands and how to practice safely without putting extra pressure on your joints.

-       Falling without fear – it sounds scarier than it is, I promise.;)

-       Working with the wall – hands down the best prop when working with inversions.

-       Partner work – because sometimes we need a helping hand.

-       Other inversions such as forearm balances, headstand and shoulder stand. 

For many of us Adho Mukha Vrksasana seems like an impossible goal, but by breaking it down into manageable pieces you’ll come to realise that (providing you put in the practice) it’s actually quite achievable. I can’t promise you’ll have perfected the full asana by the end of the practice, but I’m confident you’ll have taken several steps in the right direction, as well as securing the skills and techniques to continue your upside down journey in your personal practice.

Date: 3/9/2019

Time: 14:00 - 16:00

Teacher: Jessica Grace Rabone

Price: 50,- / 45,- (student)

*Please note that this workshop is not suitable for anyone who is pregnant or who suffers from high blood pressure. If you’ve ever suffered from a head/neck injury or have a heart condition, please seek medical advice before signing up. As always, you must tell the teacher if you have any injuries/medical conditions before the workshop starts.