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NEW DATE: Women and the Moon: Transform - With Amber

Join this circle of women to participate within movement based practices that invoke a deep kindness and compassion for self.

Unearth internal guidance to transform sensitivity and emotional stress into the awakening of your greatest creative reserve and redefine rest.

Experience a somatic and sublime Chakra sequence to cleanse the downwards force and brighten the energetic transfer from the root, to rise.

Learn a nourishing Moon salutation for personal retreat and the cultivation of inner sanctuary.

Sense the cosmic embrace and surrender any blockages in the heart field that prevent you from letting go into the river of trust.

These basic practices will be given to strengthen all levels of a ‘Woman of the Moon’s whole body, mind and spiritual wellbeing.

Components of movement, meditations, mantra and journalling will all be incorporated. 

Bring a female friend, plus a favourite note pad and pen.

This Womens circle is founded upon feminine practices of embodied Yoga and therefore some readiness for a gentle physical practice is necessary to get the most benefit from the time.

Date: Sunday 1st September

Time: 14:15-16:15

Teacher: Amber Spear

Cost: 50.- / 45.- Students

Contact for more information: Amber Spear