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Transitions Workshop #1 - with Valentine


Learn how to move with steadiness and ease through some popular vinyasa transitions - flow from one asana to the next with more awareness and grace, whilst maintaining the connection to your breath, allowing your inhales and exhales to aid your movements more efficiently.

We will incorporate the sutra “sthira sukha asanam” to establish ourselves in a “good place”, for both body & mind, cultivating a healthy practice on and beyond the mat.

This first workshop is open to ALL LEVELS - it will take form of an extended vinyasa flow practice, in which we'll have a deeper look at some specific transitions that you can then include in your personal practice.

Transitions work will include:
- The proper alignment and muscle engagement to get the most from your practice
- Taking your Surya Namaskar A to the next level (finding more fluidity & that 'floating' feeling)
- Standing & balancing postures
- Inversions & backbends
- A long soothing Savasana

You will leave feeling more confident in your physical practice and with the skills to move through a sequence more mindfully. Hopefully you'll also feel more focused and full of energy.

The second workshop will take place on the 29th of June and will focus on Surya Namaskar B, including more advanced transitions, with a special focus on arm balances & inversions. More infos here:

When: Saturday 25 May. 14:00 - 16:00

Price: 45.- /40.- CHF (students)

Teacher: Valentine Eva Donia